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Velux Skylights

VELUX America, Inc.

VELUX American, Inc. has grown into the world leader in roof windows over the past 60 years. After diligently identifying the major elements necessary for a successful daylighting process, we have developed the most innovative products on the market today. By tapping into our research and experience, we offer our customers a complete daylight system.

VELUX is a market leader in manufacturing skylights and roof windows and offer a complete range of state-of-the-art blinds, electronic accessories and solar panels and shades. Our innovative engineering and modern technologies allow us to build energy efficient products that can effectively reap the benefits of top lighting by minimizing the heat gain associated with UV penetration while preserving the conditioned air inside your home.

Available throughout the United States to builders, consumers, and more, we can satisfy the needs of any daylighting project with our high quality array of roof lighting products.


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