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Replacement Windows: Common Questions from Homeowners in Venice, CA

Do you have questions about replacement windows? It is exciting to invest in the quality of your home, but you need to be sure that you spend the money in the way that will best serve the needs of your family. When you are choosing a contractor, you need to take time to ask questions and learn more about the industry. This information can be a valuable way to ensure that you pick products that are built to last.

Our team at Concept Windows & Doors is focused on the satisfaction of our customers. You are welcome to contact us anytime to ask questions and learn more. We will gladly answer your questions over the phone, or schedule a time to meet for an in-home consultation. This conversation is designed to educate you about the options without making you feel pressured into the sale.

Here are a few of the common questions that we hear from our customers:

How Much Should I Spend on New Windows?
The cost of the windows will depend on the size and features of your order. It is difficult for us to provide a set price per window without understanding your requirements. These costs can be influenced by the types of materials that you choose, the size of the windows, the placement and installation, as well as the features.

The best thing that you can do is learn about the cost of the features that you desire. Then, set a budget that will accommodate your preferences. Our team will discuss your budget goals and help you choose materials that will match your guidelines.

When Should the Windows Be Replaced?
Don’t wait until the windows are broken before you replace them. Instead, consider the way the materials are impacting the comfort and quality of your home. Even if the old windows seem to be fine, it is likely that these outdated materials are negatively impacting the energy efficiency of your home. So, you should consider the benefits of investing in upgrades right now. Then, you can enjoy the long-term advantages of improved energy efficiency and comfort.

There are several obvious signs that the windows need to be replaced, such as damage to the glass or frame. Other signs might include gaps in the window frames, drafty air leaking through, or windows that look old and outdated.

What are the Best Window Brands?
Here at Concept Windows & Doors, we carry some of the leading brands in the industry. Choosing a reputable brand is important so that you can be sure that you receive top-notch materials. At the same time, you need to consider the quality of the installation.

Some homeowners mistakenly assume that the brand will have the biggest impact on the durability of the replacement windows. But, you won’t gain all the benefits when the high-quality windows are installed incorrectly. So, choose a brand that matches your preferences, and make sure that you have an experienced installation team.

What is the Energy Efficiency Benefit of Replacement Windows?
Old windows have a negative impact on energy efficiency because of the thermal transfer that occurs. Your air conditioner could be pumping out cool air, but only a portion of the air stays inside. The old windows bring in hot air from outside and makes it hard to regulate the temperature in the room.

Test the drafty windows by holding up your hand in front the window frame. Do you notice that warm air is impacting the temperature of your hand? Then, the window needs to be replaced.

Replacing the windows offers a great solution for energy efficiency because of the improvement in insulation. These products stabilize the climate inside so that you don’t have the turn on the air conditioner as frequently throughout the day.

Will New Windows Affect My Utility Bill?
If you choose the right replacement windows, then you will see that your utility expenses start to decrease. The best energy efficient windows have multiple panes of glass to buffer the temperature and improve insulation. Double-paned windows are a great option to consider because of the layer of insulating gas found between the panes of glass. This feature is a proven way to reduce temperature loss at the windows.

Another option is to have the glass layered with Low-E coating. This feature reflects the UV rays away from your home. As a result, you can decrease the heat that comes inside. Plus, Low-E is beneficial to reduce the risk of color fading on the fabric of your curtains, furniture, and carpets.

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