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Upgrading Windows With Accessories

You wouldn’t leave the house in an outfit without accessories, right? That’s true of some people, at least. And it should be true of your windows in Hidden Hills, CASure, they never leave your home at all, but they shouldn’t leave the showroom until they have the right accessories on them to fit your house. Every detail counts on window design and you’re not done making choices until all of the finishing touches are just right. Here are some of the accessories that will upgrade your windows and finish them off.  

Locks, Cranks, And Levers 

All windows are going to have locks on them and some will have cranks, others levers, and the rest none. However, the hardware is like a fine necklace on a window. It’s definitely going to show, and you want it to show off the window, not look gaudy. Choosing the finish on the hardware you want is paramount. You can get satin nickel, brass, or a number of other finishes depending on whether you want it to stand out or fit in. The metal you choose couples with the finish on that metal will make or break the overall look of the window.  

Custom Grids 

Some homeowners want their windows to be as open as possible and that means not putting in a grid at all. But the front windows show from the street and if you want them to have something extra, a custom grid might be the right answer. They can highlight the window and show it off a bit more while bringing extra style to the house.  

Low-E Coatings 

This accessory isn’t one that shows, but you sure can feel it. It’s like the right undergarment with the perfect dress. The low-E coatings allow natural light into your home, but block UV rays. That means you’ll get plenty of sunlight, but no heat and your furniture and flooring won’t fade form the sunlight that comes in. This accessory is almost a must-have feature that homeowners, especially those in California, want no matter what.  

Privacy Options 

Standard glass works just fine in most windows, but you might need certain privacy elements in certain rooms of the house. You could get etched glass in the windows around the front door, for example, so no one can see through them, but the natural light still comes in. Frosted glass in the bathrooms is nice as a privacy feature. Think through those options as a finishing touch on glass in windows that are within rooms that need extra privacy.  

When you are getting new windows in Hidden Hills, CA, every detail you choose will make a difference in the overall impact the windows have on your home. Sometimes, the finishing touches will show more than others and that’s why you want to pay especially close attention to those. The experts at Concept Windows & Doors can help you with those choices. Call us at (818) 786-9100 or visit our showroom at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 and we’ll be here for you every step of the way. 


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