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Add A Pool Or Replacement Windows?

It’s hard to decide between things you want and things you need for your home because, well, you want what you want and needs aren’t always a priority when there’s a high want. Take replacement windows in Malibu, CA, for example. Your home might really need them, but is that something you really want? Probably not. You’d likely rather have a pool. If you have the money for a project, you want a pool, but you need replacement windows, which should you do first? Here are some comparisons to help you make a decision.

Where Do You Spend Time?

The first thing you need to consider is where you spend your time. Think about your comfort. You like the cool water within a pool, but how much time would you spend in a pool compared to how much time you spend in your house? Even if you just count sleeping hours, you’ll likely spend much more time in your home than a few hours of swimming a day, if you even do that much. So it makes more sense to fix the comfort in your home first and then go for the pool when you save up again.

What Will Save You The Most?

When you put in a pool, it’s an investment and it might raise the value of your home, but it won’t save you any money once it’s in. In fact, it’ll continue to cost you as you pay for treatments and services to keep the levels just right and the pool in good working order. When you get replacement windows, however, it’s also an investment, but it does pay you back. When you sell the house, it will go faster and for much more than it would have otherwise. And in between that time and now, you start saving money on your energy bills right away. That savings is something you can use to pay yourself back, or something you can use to save up for the pool later.

Which Is Safest?

While you know there are safety hazards around any pool, there are also dangers around old windows. If they won’t open, for example, they could cause a tragic event in an emergency situation if you can’t use them for an escape. Old windows are also easy to break, which could mean an errant ball or an intruder. Pools are always going to be dangerous, but when you get replacement windows, your old windows will no longer pose any threats.

While you might really want the pool, you know it’s in the best interest of your family and your home to get replacement windows in Malibu, CA instead while you have the budget for it. Spend another year or two with a membership to the public pool and you can put that dream into effect another time. When you’re ready to talk windows, contact the experts at Concept Windows & Doors, located at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 for advice. Call us at (818) 786-9100 for a consultation.

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