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5 Ways To Save Money On Energy Bills in Venice, CA

There aren’t many things you can guarantee about life, but one thing you can is your energy bills. They’re always going to be there and they seem to rise continually. Your utility bill is a necessity within your home, but wouldn’t you rather use that money to see the latest movie or treat your family to dinner out? There are plenty of ways to save on energy bills and Venice, CA replacement windows are one answer to your problem. Here are 5 energy-saving tips to get those bills down.

  replacement windows in Venice, CA

  • Change To Energy Efficient Light Bulbs 

It can be expensive to change all of the light bulbs in your home, but do you know what’s more expensive? Your utility bill. Watch for the Energy Star sticker to find light bulbs that are energy efficient. The bonus for these products is that because they use less energy, they’ll last longer as well.  

  • Use The Programmable Thermostat 

Most homes have programmable thermostats today. If yours doesn’t, invest in one. Assuming you have one already, that doesn’t mean you understand how it works or that you eve use it. Figure out how to program the thermostat and save yourself some money by not running the air as much when you’re asleep or not at home. 

  • Wash In Cold Water 

Your washer and dryer are one of the largest appliances in the home and they account for a lot of energy use every month. The best way to save money on laundry is to run full loads and wash clothes in cold water. You can also choose the shortest wash cycle to save even more.  

  • Air Dry Clothes 

Another way to save money on laundry with the other appliance in that room is to skip using the dryer when possible and simply hang your clothes. In the nice weather, put them up outside on a line. Otherwise, get a drying rack for the laundry room and use it as often as you can.  

  • Get Replacement Windows And Doors 

One of the biggest investments you can make, that will also make the biggest difference in your utility bills, is to replace the windows and doors on your home. Replacement windows go a long way at keeping the indoor air in and the outdoor air out. They seal up the home tight and allow your temperature-controlled air do its work without leaking out. Windows and doors are your first line of defense against the hotter or colder air outside and they can significantly reduce your energy bills.  

Get the energy bills you can actually afford with Venice, CA replacement windows. Your new windows will put a fresh face on your house and you’ll notice a difference in comfort as well. Once you have replacement windows installed, use the extra money in your monthly budget for whatever you’d like. Contact Concept Windows & Doors at (818) 786-9100 or visit 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 to get started. 

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