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Malibu, CA replacement windows

Tending To The Details With Replacement Windows

Once you’ve decided on the frame material and style for your Malibu, CA replacement windowsyou want to pay close attention to other details. The details often make or break the overall appearance and functionality of the windows once you have them installed. While frame material and style are highly important, they aren’t the only elements involved. Here are a few details to pay attention to during the process as well:  

Panes Of Glass 

While double pane glass is standard, if you add another pane and upgrade to triple pane glass, you’ll have even more insulation and efficiency. The panes of glass don’t act alone, either, as they have space between them that holds air or inert gas, which can give you even more protection from the outside elements. This detail can save you even more money on your energy bills later.  

Hardware Options 

The hardware you choose will have a big impact on the look and feel of your windows. Casement windows will have cranks at the bottom and locks on the side while double hung windows will have locks between the sashes. They will all show at one point or another and you’ll want to have options that blend in with the style of your house and show off the window just right. There are also hardware options that allow less air through than others so that’s an important detail to watch as well.  

Coating Possibilities 

One thing you won’t see on windows, but will make a huge difference in how they perform, is the low-E coating on the glass. This invisible metallic coating goes on the insides of the panes of glass and reflects heat. That means during the winter, the heat in your house reflects back in instead of leaking out. In the summer, the heat of the sun reflects back out instead of coming into your home. You get all of the natural lighting you want with none of the heat. Plus, these coatings block UV rays, which cause things to fade so you won’t have to replace flooring and other items as quickly. This little detail can end up saving you quite a bit down the road.  

In the end, there are no small details when you are choosing Malibu, CA replacement windows. All of the details work together to make your windows what they are within your home. You want them to be just right so that means paying attention to details, both large and small. When you’re ready to get to work on the project, contact the experts at Concept Windows & Doors by calling (818) 786-9100. We know every possible detail that can go into replacement windows because we work with them on a daily basis. Stop by and see some examples at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 and we’ll show you how one window is different from another based on the details it includes. You get to make the final decisions. We’re just here to show you the options. 

Hidden Hills replacement windows

Never Overlook Energy Efficiency In Replacement Windows

While you might think there’s nothing wrong with your own windows, there could be a lot more beneath their appearance than you think. Old windows can still look great, and yet be failing. If your windows are wasting energy, Hidden Hills replacement windows are in your best interest. And when you are looking into new windows, the very last thing you want to overlook is energy efficiency. There are a number of elements that come together to make up the energy efficiency of a window. But when you see other things in the window, you might be distracted. Here are a few things that can distract you from energy efficiency and why you shouldn’t let them.


Of course the overall appearance of the windows you get should be nice. You want them to look great in your home for many years. However, they won’t look nearly as good to you if they leak air and allow your energy bills to rise. If the windows look good, that’s great, but don’t stop there. Look into their energy efficiency as well and make sure they perform as good as they look before you make a final decision.  


The price on the windows you might purchase is going to be highly important to your budget. If you don’t have a lot to spare, you may gravitate toward windows that don’t cost as much. But you should never buy a window based on price alone. You need quality in windows and that means looking into energy efficiency and not just price. You need to know the window’s ratings and check out their labels thoroughly before you make a decision you might regret later based only on price.  

Bells And Whistles 

There are a lot of options on windows today and many of them sound rather fancy. You can have blinds between panes of glass so you don’t have to worry about putting window coverings on top of the windows. Some windows self-darken to block out the heat of the sun on the hottest parts of the day and so on. If you get caught up with the possible bells and whistles, you might forget about energy efficiency and that’s always going to be the most important element on any replacement windows you purchase.  

When you are in the market for replacement windows in Hidden Hills, contact experts who will never let you forget about efficiency. The professionals at Concept Windows & Doors hold energy efficiency in the highest regard and only offer windows that will increase the efficiency in your home. We understand appearance, price and other elements are important as well, but we won’t let you sacrifice efficiency for those things. Give us a call at (818) 786-9100 for a free consultation and we’ll talk over anything you want to know about replacement windows.  You can also stop by and visit with us at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 where we can show you examples of efficient windows and explain how they perform. 

windows in Hidden Hills, CA

Upgrading Windows With Accessories

You wouldn’t leave the house in an outfit without accessories, right? That’s true of some people, at least. And it should be true of your windows in Hidden Hills, CASure, they never leave your home at all, but they shouldn’t leave the showroom until they have the right accessories on them to fit your house. Every detail counts on window design and you’re not done making choices until all of the finishing touches are just right. Here are some of the accessories that will upgrade your windows and finish them off.  

Locks, Cranks, And Levers 

All windows are going to have locks on them and some will have cranks, others levers, and the rest none. However, the hardware is like a fine necklace on a window. It’s definitely going to show, and you want it to show off the window, not look gaudy. Choosing the finish on the hardware you want is paramount. You can get satin nickel, brass, or a number of other finishes depending on whether you want it to stand out or fit in. The metal you choose couples with the finish on that metal will make or break the overall look of the window.  

Custom Grids 

Some homeowners want their windows to be as open as possible and that means not putting in a grid at all. But the front windows show from the street and if you want them to have something extra, a custom grid might be the right answer. They can highlight the window and show it off a bit more while bringing extra style to the house.  

Low-E Coatings 

This accessory isn’t one that shows, but you sure can feel it. It’s like the right undergarment with the perfect dress. The low-E coatings allow natural light into your home, but block UV rays. That means you’ll get plenty of sunlight, but no heat and your furniture and flooring won’t fade form the sunlight that comes in. This accessory is almost a must-have feature that homeowners, especially those in California, want no matter what.  

Privacy Options 

Standard glass works just fine in most windows, but you might need certain privacy elements in certain rooms of the house. You could get etched glass in the windows around the front door, for example, so no one can see through them, but the natural light still comes in. Frosted glass in the bathrooms is nice as a privacy feature. Think through those options as a finishing touch on glass in windows that are within rooms that need extra privacy.  

When you are getting new windows in Hidden Hills, CA, every detail you choose will make a difference in the overall impact the windows have on your home. Sometimes, the finishing touches will show more than others and that’s why you want to pay especially close attention to those. The experts at Concept Windows & Doors can help you with those choices. Call us at (818) 786-9100 or visit our showroom at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 and we’ll be here for you every step of the way. 


replacement windows in Beverly Hills, CA

Design Trends On Replacement Windows

Choosing replacement windows in Beverly Hills, CA for your home isn’t as easy as picking cereal. You want to consider your home’s style, what you need, and the current window trends. There are a lot of moving parts and they all have to come together to make the choices line up correctly. While you may understand what you need and what your home style can handle, you don’t know the current trends on the market. Here are a few to help you make the right moves.  

Custom Windows Are Always Good 

While standard, double hung windows are always better than what you have now, the newest trend on the market is to add custom windows to your house. No two rooms are identical so the windows shouldn’t be, either. You can create shapes, varied sizes, and other specifications in your custom windows. They will fit your house perfectly because you have customized them to do so.  

Make The Most Of Natural Light 

Everyone wants to save energy and larger, open rooms are always the best in a home. To keep your artificial lights off as much as possible, big windows that let in a lot of natural light are the best. Plus, they make rooms look bigger and brighter. They are also a huge design trend that helps people save energy, enjoy natural light, and keep the heat of the sun out at the same time with low-E coatings on the glass.  

Vinyl Materials On Frames 

While vinyl windows have been around since the 1970s, they’re a huge trend today. Wood windows are a timeless choice, but they require extensive maintenance to keep them looking and functioning nice. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, don’t take a thing and they look great no matter what. They’re also less expensive so they are easier to fit into tight budgets.  

Adding Color 

When you go with vinyl windows, you might assume you have to have white frames. White used to be the only color offered and while it is still the most popular, adding color to the frame is a big trend right now. Black has become highly popular in recent years, for example, to contrast homes of lighter colors. Vibrant colors can also look nice or a darker brown or gray. The unique color makes homes stand out and raises value even further.  

Getting the right Beverly Hills, CA replacement windows takes a lot of thought and while you don’t want to go with the trends alone, they can tell you a lot about window technology and what’s popular right now. Try to get something that is timeless and classic, so you don’t have to worry about it going out of style. If you need advice, contact Concept Windows & Doors at (818) 786-9100 for a free consultation. We’ll talk about window trends, ratings labels, style options, and anything else you want to know about. Come see windows for yourself in our showroom at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 where we can show you the options in person.