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Culver City, CA replacement windows

Replacement Window Professional Installers Bring The Best

If you have decided you need Culver City, CA replacement windowsyou must know it’s what’s best for your home. You certainly want what’s best for your house and that’s why you go into detail about the window’s energy efficiency, style, appearance, hardware options, and more. But once it comes time to actually install the windows, don’t drop out of the race. Be just as vigilant about who installs the windows are you were about the windows themselves. It’s really best to find a professional to help you with that process. Here are just a few things professionals bring to the project:  

The Training And Experience You Need 

Have you ever attended a manufacturer training on window installation? Have you ever installed a window before? The professionals have done both and they know just what to do to get a tight seal so you don’t have to worry about air leaks. If you hire someone subpar for the job, or try to do it yourself, you don’t get the training and experience you need to back up the quality windows. 

Professionals Bring Peace Of Mind 

You wouldn’t want to visit a surgeon about a surgery you needed if they didn’t really know what they are doing. Think of replacement windows like getting a knee replacement on your house. You need someone who knows what they are doing and has done the job before so you have assurance on the other side of the project. Using a professional for window replacement gives you peace of mind that you are getting what you want from the installation.  

Investment Protection 

Do you like spending a lot of money on a product and then not having that product work as it should? Of course not, no one does. But that’s what can happen if you buy windows and then don’t have a professional installation. The windows may not work as they promised because they weren’t installed right. Even worse than that, if you don’t get professional installation, you can’t crawl to the manufacturer for help. They void their warranties with you on the new windows if you don’t have a professional installation. You really don’t want to be in that situation.  

Finding just the right windows for your home can be a challenge, but with Concept Windows & Doors, you have professionals on your side to help you every step of the way. Call us at (818) 786-9100 and we’ll go over the details of Culver City, CA replacement windows with you. Better yet, stop by our showroom at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 and we’ll show you the differences in person. Once you find just the right windows, we can install them for you with our professional installers who have all of the training and experience you need for your project. We also carry insurance to cover anything that might go wrong, though we work hard to ensure nothing ever goes awry. You’re protected before, during, and after the installation is complete. 

replacement windows into your Venice, CA

Ask Replacement Windows Installers Your Questions

When someone is going to be putting replacement windows into your Venice, CA home, you want to know that they will do a good job. You probably asked a lot of questions about the windows you chose. You wanted to make sure they were the right color, style, efficiency, and so on. Just because you picked windows doesn’t mean you should stop asking questions. Now, you’ll want to ask them of the window installer to make sure the windows can perform as they promise because of a stellar installation. Here are a few things to ask:  

Do You Have Experience With These Windows? 

It’s nice to know that the installer has a lot of experience with windows in general, but it’s never nicer to know they’ve installed the very brand and model you chose before with great success. You want to know they have the training and experience necessary to get the windows on your house in just the right way. 

Can I See Your Company Insurance?
Every reputable window installation company should have insurance. If they won’t show you the insurance, run away as fast as you can. You need that insurance in case anything happens to the installer while they are working on your house. If it does and they don’t have insurance, you are liable for the damage and any injuries. It’s never a good idea to move forward without checking out the insurance yourself.  

What Is Your Installation Warranty Like? 

Professional installers often offer warranties on their work. This gives you more protection if something goes wrong and it also shows that the installer is willing to stand behind what they do, which often means they are good at it. Window manufacturers offer warranties on their windows and the installer should offer one on their work. You can also make sure the warranty from the manufacturer is safe by hiring a good installer. If you try to do it yourself, the warranty is often void.  

Where Have You Installed Windows Before? 

It’s nice to get a list of addresses and references from the installer so you can check out their work in person. Drive by a few houses and see how the windows look. But remember, looks aren’t everything. Call some of the references and see how the windows have been performing since the installation took place.  

Are you ready for replacement windows in Venice, CA? Contact the professionals at Concept Windows & Doors with all of your questions. If you want to know about material, ratings, or anything else, call us at (818) 786-9100. You’re also welcome to stop by and see windows in person, so we can show you the differences. Our showroom is located at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411. Our professional installers put windows in like they are working on their own homes. They want nothing but the best for our customers and they work to make windows operate above and beyond your expectations. Plus, you’re free to ask them as many questions as you’d like. 

window replacement in Van Nuys, CA

Window Replacement Before Moving

If you have been thinking about putting your home on the market, there may be things you’ve been doing inside to spruce the house up. Perhaps you paint a room that needs to be refreshed or you put in new, bright lightbulbs to make things look lighter. You might not think about taking on larger projects like window replacement in Van Nuys, CA, but perhaps you should. Strategic renovation could be just what you need to make your home sell fast, and at a good price. 

Add Curb Appeal That’s Hard To Resist 

Buyers are looking for certain things on the inside of a house, but they have to get past the outside first. If your home is lacking in appearance in any way, buyers are going to notice. They might not bother coming in to look around or they might still come in, but not make an offer. IF they do offer, they’ll lower the asking price because of the things they will need to fix up themselves. When you get window replacement on your home, you are adding a ton of curb appeal right away. Buyers will notice those fresh, new windows and be anxious to see what else is inside.  

Lower Bills For Future Owners 

Potential buyers don’t just look at the cost of a house. They also often calculate the costs they will incur if they live there. They will want to know about your taxes, your utility bills, and other important matters. If you put replacement windows into your home, you will be lowering those utility bills, which might give them more wiggle room in their monthly budget. New owners love to hear that they won’t have to pay nearly as much for those bills as they would have without the new windows.  

Move-In Ready 

Some buyers like a project, but most would like to just move into a home and have that be the end of it. Moving is already a lot of work and when you put new windows on your home before you move out, you take that off the project list for a new owner. They can just move into your house and that’s that. They are a lot more likely to make an offer if that’s the case and they will probably be willing to pay more for a house that has new windows and makes it move-in ready.  

If you are going to move soon, getting window replacement in Van Nuys, CA might sound silly, but really, it’s smart. You get to enjoy the windows until you leave and you get to put a higher asking price on your house. You’ll get most of your investment back and the house will probably move off the market faster than it would have otherwise. Look into the options by contacting Concept Windows & Doors at (818) 786-9100 or stop by 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411. We like to offer new customers a free consultation with no obligations attached so you can get the information you need to move forward. 

windows in Woodland Hills, CA

Renovations That Brighten A Home


No one likes living in a home that’s too dark, but you might notice that yours is rather dreary, even if you open all the shades. You have to turn the lights on during sunny times of the day just to be able to see. Natural light is something you should have with your windows in Woodland Hills, CA and if you don’t have enough of it, there are renovations you can put into place to correct the problem. Here are a few ideas. 

Lighter Paint Colors 

If the problem rooms of your house have dark paint, dark wallpaper, or wood paneling, that could be the issue right there. Replace those items with light paint colors and you’ll see a difference in the way the light reflects around the room. It’s a simple renovation that can make a big difference in your home.  

Glass Door Replacements 

If you currently have regular doors or even solid French doors that go out to your back patio, you might want to replace them with glass doors that can bring more natural light into the home. Sliding patio doors are a great option to connect you to the outside world, even when the doors are closed.  

New Windows 

New windows on today’s market have much slimmer frames and larger glass space. Just getting new windows can help you make a large change to the amount of light that comes into your home. While you are working on getting new windows, you can also change their style to get even further light in and improve ventilation. You might consider a bay or bow window, for example, or you might combine several windows into one larger picture window. As long as you are undertaking the task, it’s good to look into just what you can do to make things lighter and brighter than before. You will also want to pay close attention to energy efficiency as you make the switch. New windows have a lot of technology included that can make your home more energy efficient than ever before. If you want to take advantage of as much as possible during the process, look over ratings and labels with care.  

If you’ve painted your walls a lighter color and you still want more natural light, check into some of the new Woodland Hills, CA windows that are available to homeowners in this area. Windows can make a world of difference in your home and allowing in natural light is just one way in which you’ll see those differences. You’ll have lower energy bills, higher levels of comfort, more curb appeal and plenty of other advantages. Talk to the professionals at Concept Windows & Doors at (818) 786-9100 about what your goals are for new windows. You may have a long list of things you want your windows to do and that’s okay. We have windows that can meet and exceed your expectations. Come see examples yourself in our showroom at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411.