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The Lesser Known Benefits of Vinyl Windows

When you think about vinyl windows, a number of things might come to mind. You’ve probably heard about their energy efficiency and you know they cost less than other materials. But what else can they do for your home? When you start to research, many things you already know will come up. But you want to know everything you can about vinyl windows before you place them into your Woodland Hills, CA home. So here are some of the lesser known benefits you will find that don’t come up in your research quite as often.

Benefit 1: Safety and Security

When you are getting new windows, you think about energy efficiency, but you may not realize how much extra safety you are getting as well. Older windows are easy to break and their warped frames might be simple for an intruder to pry open as well. With double or triple pane glass, it’s much harder for someone to break into your home. You can feel safe and secure knowing that your vinyl windows aren’t easy to pry open. With new hardware that resists tampering, no one can unlock the window from outside the house.

Benefit 2: Less Cleaning

When you have vinyl windows, you won’t have to clean as much as you did in the past, which is never a bad thing. New vinyl windows repel water, which makes maintenance even more simple. You can just wipe them down from time to time and you’re good to go. Plus, if you get double hung windows, you can clean the outside glass from inside. Your whole home will get less dust accumulation because of the airtight windows.

Benefit 3: Peace and Quiet

You might blame the noisy neighbors for your lack of peace, but instead, why not blame the windows. When you get vinyl windows, you’ll notice that the things you used to hear inside are suddenly gone. Sound reduction cuts the noise off from your home so you finally have the peace and quite you’ve always wanted.

Benefit 4: Cut the Glare

You might have a great view of the California landscape from inside your house, but it’s hard to see it if you get too much glare on your glass. Your new vinyl windows will cut down on that glare so you can enjoy the view without squinting. They can also cut back on furniture and flooring fading issues by minimizing the amount of UV light that gets into the home.

There are many small and large benefits that vinyl windows in Woodland Hills, CA will bring to your home. Whether you’re excited about the energy efficiency, the appearance, or one of the lesser known benefits, the professionals at Concept Windows & Doors can help you get them all. Give us a call at (818) 786-9100 and we’ll offer you a free consultation to talk over all of the details. You can also visit us at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 to speak with a representative in person.

Reasons Why New Windows are Beneficial to Your Woodland Hills, CA Home

If you’ve considered new windows, but you just aren’t sure it’s a good move for your Woodland Hills, CA home yet, keep reading! New windows will do a lot more than improve the view you have from your home. They’ll give you functional windows in the place of old windows that are hard to open and close. They’ll give you energy efficiency beyond your wildest dreams, and many other things! Here are some of the reasons why new windows are beneficial to your Woodland Hills, CA home.

Reason 1: You’ll save money on energy bills!

When you choose your new windows wisely, you could see a significant reduction in your energy bills. When you use less energy, you lower your carbon footprint, which is never a bad thing. You also get to save money over the lifespan of the windows, which will help you pay yourself back for the initial investment.

Reason 2: Increase your comfort

No one wants to be uncomfortable in their own home, but with old windows working against you, it can happen. When you have a chill in your home during the winter, or a hot stuffy feeling in the summer, new windows can help. Insulated windows will make it easier to maintain a consistent temperature in your home, whatever temperature you want that to be. You won’t have to adjust the thermostat all the time to keep that comfortable range.

Reason 3: Increase home value and curb appeal

There’s nothing like the look of your house when someone first approaches. In reality, it can make or break what they think about the house. You may not care what the average person thinks, but what about your family? What about friends and co-workers? And what about when you want to sell the home in the future? New windows will increase not only the curb appeal of your home, but also the resale value. You’ll get the money you invested in the home back when you sell!

Reason 4: Cut glare and fading issues

Old windows are just regular glass that don’t do much but allow you a view. New windows, however, have a lot of technology included. They can keep your furniture and flooring from fading and minimize UV rays from entering the home! They can also cut back on the glare you get from the sun. You want natural light, but you don’t’ want to have to squint throughout the day either.

There are so many more reasons to go with brand new replacement windows in Woodland Hills, CA that it’s hard to list them all without going on and on with no end in sight. If you have questions about windows or you’re ready to start making decisions, contact Concept Windows & Doors at (818) 786-9100 for a free consultation. We’re also happy to show you around our showroom, located at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 so you can see the windows in person and start to imagine what they will look like in your home.

Want New Windows? Consider the Details

If you are thinking about new windows for your Woodland Hills, CA home, you have a lot to consider. New windows can work wonders for your home. They can take you to new energy efficiency heights and give the property better curb appeal, among other things. But before you get too excited about the benefits new windows offer, here are some things you will want to do to get all of the details just right.

Find Recommendations

Before you can look at the options, you need to find a local window expert to help you with the process. To find a company you can trust, it’s helpful to ask around. If you know someone who recently replaced their windows or built a new home, having their input on the company they used can help. If people you know had a good experience with a window company, you can trust that the company will do a good job for you as well.

Do Your Research Homework

If you liked doing research back when you were in school, you are in luck when it comes to finding new windows. There is plenty of research for you to do. You won’t want to pick new windows based on a low price tag or visual appeal alone. You need to figure out what the ratings on their labels mean so you are able to choose based on energy efficiency and a number of other factors that will greatly affect your home. You can have the window professionals help you with the exact details, but knowing the basics will help you get off on the right foot.

Compare Brands and Materials

Think about your goals for your new windows. Do you want something stylish or are you more concerned about price and energy efficiency? Your goals will help you determine what brand you can afford and what material will work best for you. There are several frame materials like wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. They each have benefits and drawbacks, and weighing those against your goals can help you make a final decision that works for you.

Find the Window Professional

There are plenty of things you can do on your own to prepare for new windows in Woodland Hills, CA, but it helps to have a window professional by your side for the big decision. Windows don’t have to be replaced very often so it’s possible you’ve never had to do it before. But the experts at Concept Windows & Doors work with windows every day and we have numerous satisfied customers to prove that we know what we’re doing. Give us a call at (818) 786-9100 to ask questions or set up a free consultation. We won’t try to pressure you into anything, we promise! You can also stop by our showroom at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 to take a look at the variety of windows we offer. We want nothing but the best in the windows you end up with on your home!

Considerations for Malibu, CA Replacement Windows

Replacing old, single pane windows with new, energy efficient options can be one of the best things you can do for your Malibu, CA home. It’s a wise investment that gives you a huge return both in the short and long term. You can even enhance your curb appeal, the comfort in your home, and the quiet peace. All of those things and much more make replacement windows a wise project to consider. But as you begin your search, there are some things you will want to consider.

Consider the Contractor and Manufacturer

There are two major components that go into buying replacement windows. The manufacturer and the contractor are both very important. You can buy top of the line replacement windows from the best manufacturer in the business, but if you don’t have the right contractor to install them, they won’t work as well. On the other hand, if you get the best contractor to install your replacement windows, but they aren’t high quality windows to begin with, even a good installation won’t give you the results you want. Take care in who you buy from and who you have install your replacement windows.

Consider the Materials

The windows will bring a lot of decisions along with them, but the first thing you will need to decide (and probably the most important) is what type of material you want for the frame. Many homeowners are easily deciding vinyl because it’s the most popular option on the market. Not only is it popular, but it’s the most cost-effective, has the best energy efficiency, and looks great too. If you don’t mind vinyl windows, they are a great option for any style home. That can make the materials decision rather easy.

Consider Additions

Most replacement windows come with double pane glass, but you can upgrade to triple pane for a fee. If you are going to stay in your home long term, you might want to take advantage of an extra pane of glass to save on your energy bills. You can also get argon or krypton gas between the panes instead of air, which insulates the home even further. And you can add a low-e coating to the glass for more energy efficiency and UV protection from fading. There are plenty of options to consider when you are looking into replacement windows in Malibu, CA.

As you start to make both the large and small decisions, include the professionals at Concept Windows & Doors. We’re here to ensure that you have all the information you need to make wise, informed decisions. Call us at (818) 786-9100 with any questions you have or to set up a free consultation. You can also stop by and see us in person at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 to check out replacement windows for yourself. We’re happy to highlight the differences so you end up with nothing but the best replacement windows for your home.