Make Replacement Windows Your Goal

Do you have any goals or plans for your home? Perhaps you bought a “fixer upper” and there are lots of plans in mind for the future. Or maybe you got a turnkey house decades ago that is now needing some upgrades and updates. Whatever the case may be, all homes need to have goals at some point or another. As the homeowner, you’re the one who gets to make those goals and determine what gets done and when. The Professionals at Concept Windows & Doors advise you to make replacement windows your goal when your home is in need of new windows. Here are just a few things that goal will do for you.

Raise the value of your home

Whether you’re thinking about moving in the near future or completely happy where you are, it’s never a bad idea to raise the value of your home. Whenever you put a home improvement project into effect, you want it to be something that will take your home to a higher value level, if at all possible. Replacement windows will certainly do that because prospective buyers know what they are worth.

Increase the curb appeal

Many home improvement projects are taken on simply because they make the house look better. You might paint a certain room inside, for example, just to make it look brighter and larger. When replacement windows are installed, the house will look better, newer, fresher, and completely updated. The best part is that you also increase the appearance of the interior of your house at the same time. That’s not something just any project can do!

Enhance energy efficiency

With energy prices on the rise in Culver City, CA and every other city in the country, energy efficiency is always a concern. You want to do things to your home that will help you use less energy so you can lower your bills and help the environment all at once. Replacement windows will do just that and you’ll also notice that your home is more comfortable at the same time. Your AC will work less frequently and less hard because the energy efficient replacement windows keep the cool air in better.

Replacement windows are one goal and look at all of the things they accomplish in a home! You get all that (and plenty more!) with just one project! Sure, replacement windows are a large project, but once they are installed, you don’t have to do anything more…even maintenance when you choose vinyl windows! If you want to start the process and ask questions about replacement windows in Culver City, contact the experts at Concept Windows & Doors by calling 818-786-9100. We’re here to give you a free consultation and answer your questions. We don’t push customers into anything. We want you to have all the information you need to make the right decisions for your budget, home, and lifestyle. Stop by and see us in our showroom at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411.

Invest In Your Home with Vinyl Windows

When you bought your house in Culver City, CA, you might have felt like you were signing your savings away. A house is a huge investment and it’s likely the biggest thing you will invest in over your lifetime. But just because you spent a huge chunk of money on your home—and continue to spend on it every month on your mortgage—doesn’t mean that’s all you’ll ever have to spend. As a homeowner, it’s up to you to maintain and update your home over the years to make sure it holds its value, or even increases over the years. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever on any home. If you want it to stay nice for your family, you will have to continue to invest time, money, and efforts into the house. If you invest in vinyl windows for your home, here are a few things you will get in return.

Higher Levels of Comfort

When you have a home you love, you want to be as comfortable in it as possible. Vinyl windows can help with that goal. Vinyl windows are highly energy efficient and don’t leak air like your old windows likely do. They’ll be able to keep a consistent temperature in your home with ease. When you get vinyl windows, you’ll have an even temperature in every room of the house without messing with the thermostat all of the time.

Lower Bills

Not only will you be more comfortable, but amazingly, you’ll have lower bills too! It’s never a bad thing to give yourself more wiggle room in the monthly budget and with vinyl windows, you get just that. You’ll have lower energy bills because your AC works less frequently to keep your home cool due to those vinyl windows.

More Curb Appeal

You can pretend that you don’t care what people think of your home, but you really would like for it to look nice. When you install vinyl windows, it’ll have a fresh, updated look that anyone will be able to see from the curb. Not only that, but when you walk inside, the change will be evident on the interior as well. It’s the best of both worlds from only one home improvement project!

Less Maintenance

Older windows are a pain because things are always breaking and needing repairs. Plus wood windows have to be refinished every year or two in order to maintain their appearance. Vinyl windows are a great investment for a home and for the homeowner’s time because they require no maintenance.

Are you ready to invest in your home once again? Vinyl windows in Culver City, CA are a wonderful investment that you won’t regret. Sure they cost up front, but they give back over their years of use. You’ll have lower bills, a higher home value, and many other benefits in between. Contact Concept Windows & Doors at 818-786-9100 or visit us at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 for advice on how to get started with the process.

The Ways in Which You Need New Windows

Sometimes, you buy things because you want them. Other times, you truly need them. Even if you know you need a certain item for your home or life, you may have more than one reason for needing it. When you buy clothes, you buy something that is going to keep you cool in Culver City, CA and something that will look nice when you go to work. There are many reasons for needing just one item. If you are thinking your home may need new windows, it’s okay to have more than one reason for needing them. Here are just a few ways in which you might need new windows in Culver City, CA.

  1. You Need More Energy Efficiency

You want your home to be as comfortable as possible and one way you can do that is to ensure that you have the best possible windows. Windows have come a long way as far as technology and innovation are concerned. No matter what you get, you will probably have further energy efficiency than you do on your existing windows. But there are ways to get even more energy efficiency than average as well. You need that energy efficiency and that’s reason enough to get new windows.

  1. You Need A Style Update

If your old windows are so outdated that they no longer fit with the rest of your home, chances are they are outdated in technology as well. Getting windows for style is one great reason to go for an update. You’ll get a lot of other benefits as well and the windows will look great on the home both inside and out.

  1. You Need Safety Elements

Older windows just aren’t safe anymore. Have you ever tried to break single pane glass? You don’t have to try very hard! It’s simple enough to do, even if you aren’t trying! That means it’s easy for anyone else to break it and come in if they want too. There are a lot of safety elements included on new windows. They have better hardware, more panes of glass that are harder to break, and a lot of other innovative technology to keep intruders and pests out.

  1. You Need Lower Bills

There are plenty of ways to lower utility bills. You don’t have to use your AC, do you? When you live in Nevada, you do! And when you get new windows, you don’t have to turn off a thing and you will have more comfort and lower bills all at once.

Are you ready for windows in one or all of these ways? Contact the experts at Concept Windows & Doors by calling 818-786-9100 for a free consultation. We’re located at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 and we’re happy to show you around our showroom to point out differences between the various options. We’re also happy to answer any of your questions, either in person or over the phone. No matter how many ways you need windows, we can help you find the right fit!

Adding Natural Light to the Basement

Finishing your basement as another living space can be a great addition to your Woodland, CA home. Whether you are using it for a game room, movie room, workout area, storage space, or anything else, it’s a great place to get away from the rest of the house and sometimes, the other people in it. One of the biggest challenges of any basement is allowing in enough natural light so it doesn’t feel dark and dingy all the time. If you’re using the space more and more, you want it to feel more open and airy. Basements are famously dark and dreary, but natural light can help you get through that feeling to the other side—into a room you’ll really enjoy. Here are a few easy ways to add natural light.

-Use Metallic

You may have heard that adding mirrors makes a room look more open and spacious and that’s mostly because mirrors mimic the look of windows. You can reflect the light in the basement by adding a few mirrors. However, you don’t want to add too much.

-Get Multiple Light Sources

The easiest way to counteract darkness is by adding more light. Integrate multiple light sources that are as natural in the space as possible. Get track lighting or pot lights to put in as much as you can. You can also add lamps near couches to give you extra lighting when needed.

-Paint an Accent Wall

You don’t want dark colors in your basement or it’s just going to look and feel even darker. Paint a light color and then have an accent wall that is light and airy as well. Use a soft blue or green color to breathe brightness and dimension in the space while bringing in more natural light.

-Flooring Types

The flooring you choose can be very important and you probably won’t want hardwood because of dampness issues basements can have. Get something like laminate in a light color and utilize continuity to make the space seem larger.

-Install Vinyl Windows

If you have a walkout basement, natural light is easy to grab. You can install a sliding glass door or another exit along with vinyl windows as large as you want them to be in order to let that light in. Basements that are below ground are a big harder, but they will most likely still have a portion above ground. Put in some vinyl windows around the basement to give you an emergency escape route and to bring in the natural lighting.

If you need to bring in natural lighting, vinyl windows in Woodland Hills, CA are the best way to go. Vinyl windows from Concept Windows & Doors can make a world of difference in an otherwise dark space. Contact our experts at (818) 786-9100 and let’s look over what kind of wall space your basement has to offer. We’ll make recommendations based on our years of experience. You can also visit us for advice at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411.

Adding Skylight Windows to a Home

There is only so much wall space in your Woodland Hills, CA home and you can’t always add windows when you want more natural lighting in a certain room. But there are still options to consider. Skylights, for example, are a great way to open up your home and create some natural beauty in a space.

Places for Skylights

Skylight windows are a great addition to make rooms in a home. They work well in bathrooms, for example, where you might want natural light, but you also need privacy. They also work well in the kitchen for lighting purposes. Kitchens can be tough on windows because you need the wall space for cabinets, but the ceiling is an option when it comes to adding that natural light. Some homeowners also enjoy skylights in dark hallways, bedrooms, or even living spaces. Anywhere your ceiling leads to your roof, you can potentially add a skylight. But cutting into your home can seem nerve wracking so you might want to know the process that goes into skylight windows in Woodland Hills, CA.

Installing a Skylight

Your installers will first drill a hole where the skylight will go and frame it out. They will ensure that it is compliant to building codes so there are no worries. The skylight will then be placed and centered and attached to the roof. Next, the roofing paper will be applied around the skylight to make sure the run-off water goes the right direction. The bottom and step flashing will be installed and attached to the skylight. Finally, the solid flashing pieces will be fitted tightly around the skylight to ensure no water can enter.

It might sound like a complicated process and for someone new to window installation, it is. But when you hire a professional company, you can get the job done quickly and easily without any trouble on your end. Skylights can work wonders to certain rooms of the house and they can add value as well. There’s nothing better than natural lighting and when you install a skylight, you have natural light from above. It’s nice to be able to see the sky and watch the clouds wander by. You might even be able to see the night sky and enjoy a few stars from time to time.

If you’re considering skylight windows for one or more location in your home, contact the professionals at Concept Windows & Doors by calling (818) 786-9100. We’ll make sure you get energy efficiency in your skylight and with the proper installation, you won’t have to worry about leaks at all. You’ll enjoy the natural light you wanted without any other hassles. Stop by and see us at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 and look into the options. We can also outfit your entire home with new windows if you want to raise its value and energy efficiency even further. We’re here with your window solutions, whatever the problem might be! Let us help you through the whole process.

The Importance of R-Value in Replacement Windows

When you need to buy anything for your home that costs more than a few dollars, you might turn to the internet to help you research products. The internet is a great tool and you can learn a lot! If you need replacement windows, you’ll probably want to figure out how to read the labels first in order to compare the windows once you go out to actually see them. It’s great to be informed because most homeowners haven’t had to replace windows before so they aren’t experts.

As you research replacement windows, you’ll come across terms you may have never heard of before, but they can be important when it comes time to make decisions. Terms like R-value and U-value will come up quite a bit and they matter when it comes to energy efficiency and quality in replacement windows. Let’s take a closer look at R-value to help you get started.

R-value is the unit of measurement that the window industry uses to describe thermal resistance on replacement windows. In simpler terms, the R-value tells you how well a window will insulate your Malibu, CA home. The higher the number, the better it is because it can slow heat flow through the window. You want a high R-value because it means less heat will transfer, either in or out, giving you better energy efficiency.

As you look into R-value, you may get confused by its counterpart, U-value. U-value is the inverse of R-value because it measures how well materials conduct heat. You want lower U-values as an indication of higher energy efficiency. It has a greater insulation and heat flow resistance with a low number.

When you look at window labels, you will see both of these values listed within the ratings and they are very important to pay attention to. The volume of information on those labels can be very overwhelming, but comparison shopping is easier when you understand R-value.

You will also want to watch or the Energy Star label because the certification system helps you identify energy efficient products that meet a certain level of requirements. There are going to be variations under the label and some will have higher R-values than others, but you know they at least meet the standards of Energy Star’s certification program. Watch for that label first and then go to the individual ratings.

There are plenty of other ratings you might want to know, such as visible transmittance, air leakage, and more. But when you work with the professionals at Concept Windows & Doors, we can help you with all of that. We don’t want you to go into an investment this large blind. We’ll explain everything you need to know and point out the differences in every rating with every replacement window in Malibu, CA that you will consider. Give us a call at (818) 786-9100 to set up a consultation or visit us in person at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 to check out our showroom.

What is Low-E Glass?

If you start shopping around for new replacement windows in Malibu, CA, you will quickly learn that vinyl windows are the leading material in the industry for a number of reasons. But even if you make the easy decision to go with vinyl early on, there will be a lot of other decisions you need to make. There are glass options, for example.  You can go with double or even triple pane and there are things like low-e coatings too. While you know that triple pane glass is, what’s a low-e coating? It’s a common term you’ll hear as you look around at vinyl windows and you will want to understand the components behind it to decide whether or not you want it on your vinyl windows.

Low-E Glass

Low-e stands for low emissivity glass. This technologically advanced glass has greater insulating qualities, which is never a bad thing for a hot location like Malibu, CA. It noticeable improves energy efficiency by reducing the transfer of air through the windows. Plus, low-e glass goes above and beyond by blocking out UV rays so you won’t have to worry about furniture, flooring, and other items fading from the sunlight. Sun is always nice in Malibu, CA, but not when it damages your stuff!


When you are getting new vinyl windows, low-e glass coatings have distinct advantages. The coating reflects heat back to its source, whether that’s outside your home or inside. That keeps your house cooler in the summer because the heat of the sun is reflected back outside. That also keeps things warmer in the winter because your internal heating is reflected back in. The coating doesn’t wear off or scratch, either, because it is placed on the interior portion of the glass so you’ll never be able to touch it. You can brighten a room without overheating it by the sunlight. You can also use the natural light to use less artificial lighting and you won’t have to heat or cool the house as much, either.

Becoming the Standard

Low-e glass is becoming a new standard that automatically comes with a lot of vinyl windows. But if you’re moving into an older home, the windows probably aren’t up to today’s standards. Whenever you replace windows with new vinyl windows, make sure you look into low-e glass. You can’t see it with your own eyes so you will need to check the labels to tell if it’s included. Low-e glass sounds like an obvious choice, but it does come with costs so you have to make sure the bonuses outweigh the initial costs. Since you’ll save money for the long haul, it usually does!

If you have questions about low-e glass, or anything else related to new vinyl windows, contact Concept Windows & Doors at (818) 786-9100. We can answer your questions and help you figure out whether or not low-e glass will fit into your home’s goals. Visit us at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 to look at vinyl windows yourself!

Put Money in the Bank with New Windows

When you are thinking about home improvement projects, you likely see the numbers spinning before your eyes. They cost money, right? But when was the last time you saw your budget increase because of such a project? Wouldn’t it be nice if the numbers in your bank account went up every month instead of down? There are plenty of ways you can save money, but one of the easiest ways forces you to do nothing at all on a monthly basis. Once you get new windows on your Malibu, CA home, you don’t have to do a thing but watch your bills decrease and enjoy more money in the bank!

Replacement Windows Save Money Through Energy Efficiency

When you look through the window options, professionals encourage you to consider vinyl windows. Vinyl is a highly efficient material that is also durable and long-lasting. Not only that, but it’s cost-effective because it costs less than any of the other materials on the market. You’ll make up the money you spend much faster! Plus you’ll keep the warm California air out of your home and your cool air in, which helps your HVAC system work a little less. That translates into money saved on your energy bills!

Replacement Windows Add Value to Your Home

Even if you aren’t looking into selling your home any time soon, eventually you will. It’s nice to know that any home improvement project you put into effect will add value to your house. That’s one thing that replacement windows will do for sure. They add quite a bit of value so when you sell, you get back the money you spent on them for a great return on your investment.

Replacement Windows Prevent Maintenance Costs

Old windows might have a lot of maintenance issues. If you have wood windows, you have to paint and maintain them on a regular basis. Plus there might be other things you have to do, like replace caulking, install new hardware, fix glass and so on. Frequent maintenance adds up when you spend money on supplies. You also have to spend time on the jobs. Time is precious! Instead of wasting time or money, get new windows and prevent maintenance issues from arising any time soon. You’ll save money in the long run!

If you are ready for window replacement in Malibu, CA, the experts at Concept Windows & Doors are here to help. We’ve been in the business for decades and we know just what to recommend for each situation. Homes are unique and homeowners have different goals, but we’ve seen it all! We want to get to know you so we can assess what would work best for your home and lifestyle. Give us a call at (818) 786-9100 and let’s get started! We’d also like to welcome you to our showroom, located at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 to browse some of the examples we have on hand so you can see things in person!

The Good and the Bad Malibu Windows

You want nothing but the best on your home, but you don’t always take the time to notice the difference between what’s working and what isn’t. The best products all working together on a house can make it as good as it gets for you and your family. If you have even one product that just isn’t working, it can bring the whole house down. Windows are an important part of any Malibu, CA home. But have you ever stopped to think whether your windows are helping or hurting your house? There are plenty of ways to tell.

Windows might be bad for your home if…

-energy bills cost too much

-they leak a lot of air

-they’re rotted out or warped

-they aren’t right for your home’s style

-they are old, faded and ugly

Windows are good for your home if…

-they look great on the house

-they are energy efficient and don’t leak air

-they protect your home and keep it secure

-they save money on energy bills

-they increase the value of your home

So what kind of windows do you have? If you quickly realized that you have windows that are bad for your home, you might want to do something about it sooner rather than later. Sure windows can often wait and it’s hard to talk yourself into such a huge investment. But when you wait, you are spending more on energy bills and that’s never going to go away. It just makes sense to upgrade soon and start saving right away. Your windows are worth it, now and in the long run. What can good windows do for you? Plenty!

Good windows can…

-increase comfort

-lower bills

-increase curb appeal

-raise home value

-decrease maintenance

-improve functionality

It’s worth it both now and in the future to take care of your windows. When you’re ready to make the investment, contact the professionals at Concept Windows & Doors. We’re here to help in any way we can. We understand that windows aren’t something you deal with on a regular basis, but we do! And that’s why we’re offering our expert advice to you, free of charge. You can call us at (818) 786-9100 and get a free consultation. We can even come to your home and take a look at the windows you have so we know what to advise when you are ready to make the switch. You certainly can’t go wrong with vinyl windows these days, but then again, vinyl isn’t the right material for every home. Once we look into your goals and lifestyle, we’ll know what to recommend. Stop by and see some of the options so you can get started on putting good windows into your home and getting rid of the bad ones! We’re located at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411 and we’re ready to help you as soon as you’re ready to make the move toward new windows in Malibu, CA!

Why Homeowners Love New Vinyl Windows

When you meet someone special and fall in love, people you know might ask you what it is about that person that you love. You can probably tick off a bunch of things that you love about them. Perhaps they have a stunning smile, a great sense of humor, or an addictive laugh, among other things. When it comes to vinyl windows, not as many people will ask you about them, but they will have just as many reasons to love them. When you have them installed on your Beverly Hills, CA home, these are just a few things you will love about them.

  1. Their ability to lower bills

No one really enjoys seeing their money fly out the window with high energy bills. Even if you unplug devices and keep your air conditioner at a reasonable level, you might start to see higher bills. When you get vinyl windows, the bills start to move in the opposite direction—down! You’ll love what your vinyl windows can do for your utility bills.

  1. Their ability to cut discomfort

You deserve to be comfortable in your home and with vinyl windows, you can be! Sure, Beverly Hills is nice most of the year, but there are still hot, humid days and you don’t want that in your house when you are trying to relax in the cool air. With vinyl windows, you don’t get that air transfer and you remain comfortable at all times when you are inside your home.

  1. Their ability to function easily

Have you ever accidentally painted windows shut? Haven’t we all! Then the windows won’t open and you can’t get a breeze through your house even on the nicest day. It’s a pain, but it’s a problem you’ll never have with vinyl windows. First, when the windows are new, they don’t need paint. And second, vinyl windows never need paint so there’s no danger of such an accident happening. They function easily for the duration and you’ll love that!

  1. Their gorgeous aesthetics

You may not be all about appearance, but admit it, when it comes to your home, you want it to look nice. Old windows are often unsightly and when you have new vinyl windows, they look fresh, new and great all the way around. Better yet, they have an appearance that carries through both the inside and outside of your home.

While vinyl windows aren’t something you are going to brag about quite as much as a person you love, they certainly have plenty of reasons to love them. If you’re ready to fall in love with vinyl windows, as many other homeowners have in the past, contact Concept Windows & Doors at (818) 786-9100 for information and a free consultation for your Beverly Hills, CA window installation. You can also stop by and take a look at the options in person in our showroom at 6035 Sepulveda Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91411. We want you to love the windows on your home!